Noi della Notte

At Noi della Notte we manufacture bed bases, bed frames and
complete beds since 1943. Such an experience gave us an
enormous technical and design knowledge in the sphere of rest,
so that it has become synonym of unquestionable quality and
reliability. Producing and processing almost all the components in
our unique factory in Torrita di Siena allows us an extraordinary
customization of the product, a condition particularly appreciated
by our customers. Custom-made bed frames, non-conventional
structures, suspensions and slats of many colours and types: for
us, nothing represented a hindrance in satisfying almost any kind
of request. A continuous research for eco-friendly materials, for
new resting solutions and cutting-edge technology in the fields of
integrated electronics, drives us on show to customers our results,
illustrated in this catalogue.

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Frame – Philosophy

“What is the night?”
asked Macbeth

“Almost at odds with morning, which is which.”
said Lady Macbeth, his wife.

Disorders due to lack of good rest have a relevant importance even in several literary works, as shown by the mentioned tragedy of Shakespeare. The individual’s psychophysical health depends on the quality and duration of sleep: adequate sleep is essential for life itself. For this reason the place where everyone rests has an enormous
importance. Bed, the most comfortable place par excellence, shelter, champion of health, that must adjust the needs of all of us.

We invest heavily in research of technological solutions, suitable and adaptable, because bed frame and mattress have to be able to adapt to each individual person, not the contrary.

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Nowadays the word “ergonomics” is fashionable and perhaps one of the most overused. So many tools are defined “ergonomics”, rightly or wrongly, but what does this word really mean?

Ergonomics: according to the IEA (International Ergonomics Association) definition is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and
overall system performance. In essence, the study of designing equipment, devices and processes that fit the human body and its cognitive abilities.

Our multi-disciplinary approach in the design phase gives us the opportunity to take into account of modern biomechanics principles, engineering, industrial design, but also physiology, psychology and anthropometry.

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Future And Sustainibility

Improve the environment quality for a sustainable development is our mission. To Noi della Notte “sustainability” is to act as a real ecosystem to respect and protect the delicate balance between living beings and environment. Every company is strictly connected to other entities like customer, suppliers, partner, transport undertakings: learn how to cooperate actively in a social and economic interdependence is of paramount importance.

However, simply proposing strategies or tackling problems with the right approach is not enough. We believe we have to experience at first hand profound changes, to monitor, to modify, to optimize and to reconvert processes and habits by supporting the parties involved along the entire path of environmental sustainability. For this reason, we are first of all committed to adopting responsible behaviour, choosing goods and services with a low environmental impact, using eco-compatible material, reducing the waste of paper and plastic.

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